Lianne, EcoSpoons Inc.  

Thank you so much Shotput Ventures. I can never really thank you enough for all the help that you have provided in growing my business. I was able to really get my business on sustainable home products going because of you. You were able to connect me to the right people, provided me with the needed funding and pushed me really hard to be the best that I can be. With that, my business has now turned into a multi-million one with offices in at least 4 locations in North America and Europe. I look forward to collaborating more with you.  


Edward, Journalist 

You know, I can really count on Shotput Ventures when it comes to leads on businesses that have amazing potentials. I have written numerous stories on different start-ups, from those involved in sustainability, fashion, home decors, lighting, food and so on. They have lots of partners and the stories that come from these people and organizations are all very great. I look forward to covering more stories from Shotput Ventures. I hope they continue to help more people and organizations who are deserving of their assistance.  


Bill Vanderbilt, CEO 

I am so amazed with the work of Shotput Ventures. Because of this, I have directed my company to sign a long-term contract with them in terms of supporting the work that they do. I am also willing to invest as much as $50 billion dollars over a course of 10 years for them to be able to support start-ups with the potential to change the future or be the future. This is a challenge that I am very sure Shotput Ventures will be able to live up to. I look forward to more collaborations and to meeting amazing and talented individuals who are charting the course of our future.