How to become one of our Partner-Start-ups 

Shotput Ventures is always on the look-out for potential partners and start-ups which we can support in terms of the three types of services that we offer: funding, mentorship or training, and capital funding. In order to qualify, we have very simple criteria:  


You must have a winning business strategy or idea 

A great idea is all that we are looking for. We want to see if your idea is unique, if it has merit and how you would like to see it in the next 10 years. It would be best if you approach us armed with a business strategy document and other supporting papers so that we can easily evaluate your business.  


Your idea must be based on a technology 

We only support start-ups that are based on technology. The goal is to be able to use technology to bring about social good. Examples of these types of start-ups are those that make use of technology to change traditional way of doing things.  


You must have the drive to succeed 

We look for commitment and the drive to take your business to the next level. We want individuals and organizations who can commit to work with us and allow us to help them in every way possible.  


You must be willing to receive our infusion of funding and resources in order to bring your business to the next level 

We will put at your disposal all possible resources, experts and funding for you to realize your business success. All that we ask is that you maximize all of these resources and that you actually use all these in growing your business. We conduct regular monitoring to ensure compliance.  

If you are all of these, then what are you waiting for? Contact us now!