Most promising start-up ventures

Since 2012, we have been working with technology start-up companies across different areas and sectors.  We are into apps development, fashion, jewelry, food and so much more. Our goal is to look for the most promising start-up ventures and provide them with all the necessary resources and training in order to for them to realize their potentials. Note that we work with anyone and everyone, it doesn’t matter who or what you are. As long as your business has potential, then we will help you out. Just take a look at which was just one of the many businesses that took advantage of the funding and support that we offer.

So what can Shotput Ventures offer you?

A chance to succeed where others have failed

We are the only accelerator that will guarantee you success. This is because from Day 1, we will push you to do what you can in 10 years to just a year. We will look at your business plan, see how we can improve it and provide you with all the necessary resources to get you going. With us, your life and that of your technology will be so fast-paced that even you will be amazed at how much you can achieve in just one year of business.

A chance to work with some of the best experts in your field

In order to jumpstart your technology and your business, you will get access to some of the best people, the innovators and experts in the field of business, technology and your very own industry. You want to talk to the CEOs of Forbes’ Top 500 corporations? Consider it done. This is because we also work in partnership with some of the best and toughest businesses and leaders in order to continuously improve and innovate various industries.


A chance to be known as an innovator and a leader

We will develop you, your business and your brand. This means that we will groom you to be the next big thing in your specific field and industry. Other businesses will see you as an influencer and an innovator, leading the charge in transforming your specific industry and making changes in people’s lifestyles and re-engineering the old ways of doing things.

So are you ready to become a part of Shotput Ventures? If so, now is your chance. Just hit the Contact Us button and email us about yourself. Tell us what your business or technology is all about and give us a brief on why you think you deserve to be one of the start-ups that we should be supporting. Our specialists will then contact you in order to verify the information you have provided and evaluate whether you deserve to get our support. Don’t hesitate to do this. Contact us now.