We are so happy that you have visited our website to learn more about Shotput Ventures. We are your partners in terms of growing your technology start-up business. Our goal is to always lend a helping hand when it comes to taking your business from the ground and making sure that it reaches its potential.

Shotput Ventures started in 2012. Our humble beginnings can be traced back to Simone Andersen. Prior to 2012, Simone was trying to grow her clean meat business. She was one of the first people who realized that the way that we in the United States and around the world consume meat is definitely not sustainable. How can it be when it puts a lot of strain on our natural resources and in fact, contributes a lot to climate change. It is because growing animals for food actually contributes 14.5 percent of the total greenhouse emissions.  

Simone, a biochemical engineer by profession, started to do some experiments in her laboratory. She wanted to see if she would be able to grow in vitro meat by using some cells from animals. Her research proved that she could but doing so required investment and funding that she did not have. She tried applying for funding but she had a hard time in looking for one. Most of the companies and research institutions she approached saw the potential of her study but no one could help her. Until another start-up, which was better funded, beat her in producing lab-grown meat.  

Simone realized that there is a need for people like her to have access to a funding facility. Hence, she started Shotput Ventures which looked for organizations and individual donors and started funding start-ups with potential. And the rest is history.  

We hope that your company will be one of the start-ups that we can help. Just contact us.